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    It’s an undeniable fact that you can’t hit a checkout until you reach a checkout. How you get from 501 down to a number that can be taken out is not just a matter of scoring as many points as possible until you reach a score of 170 or less. There are pitfalls along the … Read more

Welcome to Darts Checkout Assistant

You can use this site to lookup a checkout while you’re playing, learn different ways to take out a number, or find great practice routines to help you improve your dart game.

As we move forward, we’ll cover the basics of playing the ’01 games, discuss dart strategy, and analyze various checkouts. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

As you go through the checkouts, you’ll find that we provide a top choice, a backup plan, and, sometimes, multiple other options. This is the format:

Score Remaining: 111

Throw: Treble 19, Single 14, Double 20     <— Recommended path to a checkout
(T19,S14,D20 | 57 – 14 – 40)

Backup: Single 19, Treble 20, Double 16     <— Backup plan if you hit a Single
(S19-T20-D16 | 19 – 60 – 32)

Option: Treble 20, Single 11, Double 20     <— Another reasonable path to a checkout
(T20-S11-D20 | 60 – 11 – 40)

Option: Single 20, Treble 17, Double 20     <— Additional backup plan or option
(S20-T17-D20 | 20 – 51 – 40)

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