Score Remaining: 6

Throw: Double 3
(D3 | 6)

Option: Single 2, Double 2
(S2-D2 | 2 – 4)

Lots of players don’t like Double 3. It’s hard to be aggressive with it because a Single 3 leaves you with an awkward score of 3 remaining. That said, if your opponent is on an out, you’re better off being aggressive with the first dart than the second. If you miss outside with the first dart and adjust too much and hit a Single 3 with the second, you’re screwed. If you hit the Single 3 with the first dart, you still have two darts to work with.

As for the option above, it’s not recommended. You should be able to hit any double on the board. Learn to hit the Double 3. However, if your opponent is still above 130, you may have time to convert the Double 3 to Double 2, if that is your preference.

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