Doubles Breakdown

This practice routine takes you through the natural progressions of the even doubles. For example, when throwing for D20, you also need to be prepared for D10 and D5.  For D12, D6 and D3 will come in to play.

Start by throwing at D20 until you hit it, then move on to D10. Hit D10, then move to D5. Since 5 is odd, hit it again, then move back to D10 and then back to D20. After D20, move on to D19 and hit it twice before moving on to D18.

Here is the full routine:


When you’ve finished, you’ll have hit every double on the board twice.

Tip:  Count the number of darts it takes you to complete the routine and use that as a marker to track your progress.

Bob’s 27

You start with 27 points. Throw your first three darts at double 1, your next three at double 2, all the way to double 20 and double bull. For every double you hit, you add the value of the double (hit 2 double 4’s, you add 16 points).  If you miss all three darts at a double, subtract the value of that double (miss all three at double 4, subtract 8 points). If your score reaches zero, you lose. Start over and try again. If you finish, keep track of your score and try to beat it next time.

Two Dart Options

This practice routine is for a situation you’ll come across in many of your ’01 games – having to take out a score in the 61-70 range with just two darts. If you start a round with a score between 121-130 and hit a big treble, you’ll probably be left with 61-70 for your next two darts. If you start with 81-90 and hit a big single, you’ll also be left with 61-70 and only two darts remaining.

So that’s what we’re practicing today. Your goal is to take out every number from 61-70 with just two darts. With 2 darts in hand, the out for 61 is T11-D14. If you hit a Single 11, you still have an out on the Double Bull.

Here is the full list:

61:  T11-D14 or S11-DB

62:  T12-D13 or S12-DB

63:  T13-D12 or S13-DB

64:  T14-D11 or S14-DB

65:  T15-D10 or S15-DB

66:  T16-D9 or S16-DB

67:  T17-D8 or S17-DB

68:  T18-D7 or S18-DB

69:  T19-D6 or S19-DB

70:  T20-D5 or S20-DB

If you hit the treble, throw the double. If you hit the single, throw the bull.

What I like about this routine is that it gives you practice at hitting trebles, doubles and bulls, all at the same time.

Give it a try.