Score Remaining: 90

Three Darts
Throw: Treble 20, Double 15
(T20-D15 | 60 – 30)

Backup plan: If you hit a Single 20, throw Treble 20, Double 5. If you throw two Single 20’s, you still have an out with the third dart (Double Bull).

Alternative: Double Bull leaves 40

Two Darts
Throw: Treble 18, Double 18
(T18-D18 | 54 – 36)


Treble 18, Double 18 is not the correct path with three darts because if you hit a Single 18 with the first dart you will need to hit a Treble with the second dart to leave an out. Having the backup of Single 20, Single 20, Double Bull makes throwing at the 20’s the correct play.